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About Federal Treasury

The Federal Treasury (also the Russian Treasury) is a federal executive agency (federal service), performing law enforcement duties in line with the laws of the Russian Federation to ensure federal budget performance, cash management services for constituent budgets of the fiscal system of the Russian Federation, preliminary and ongoing control over transactions involving federal budget funds, performed by chief controllers, controllers and recipients of federal funding


The Federal Treasury is responsible for payments, accounting, controlling and information system for financial activities of governmental entities.


Dynamic developing, reliable and state-of-the-art treasury system.


Serve the Russian State by facilitating sustainability, reliability and transparency of the financial system of the Russian Federation and securing safety of public entity funds.



–customer focus;




–team focus;

-commitment to excellence.

Russian Treasury Functions

  1. Systematical and methodological support
  2. Performance of certain functions of financial authorities
  3. Federal Budget Execution Support 
  4. Cash Management 
  5. Revenue Accounting  
  6. Budgetary Accounting and Reporting 
  7. Public IT System Management and Support 
  8. FederalTreasury Operational Support 
  9. Other Area-Specific Activities
  10. Oversight and compliance monitoring of financial and budgetary sphere 
  11. External quality control of work of auditors, defined by Federal law